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23-Aug-19 – Friday.
Top Continuous Sessions Gainers.(Top 25).

Next Trading Date : 26-Aug-19 – Monday.

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2_Sessions ---Gain---Price7Days_1M_2M %_Sessions
Shalibhadra Fin17.6 %76.75
Akar Auto Indus15 %19.2-11.3%_-13.5%_-31.9%_15_G2
GE Power India10.5 %806.65.4%_-3.2%_-2.7%_11_G2
MSR India10.5 %7.29-5.3%_-13.2%_-24.0%_10_G2
Alchemist10 %1.10.0%_-4.3%_-8.3%_10_G2
Bharat Elec8.6 %99.92.3%_1.1%_-12.9%_9_G2
The Investment Trust6.8 %135.05-3.1%_0.0%_16.0%_7_G2
Hind Tin Works6.7 %49.358.0%_2.7%_-4.2%_7_G2
Williamson Mago6.7 %16.75-4.3%_-0.6%_-22.1%_7_G2
Tata Power6.7 %54.5-5.2%_-17.7%_-16.2%_7_G2
Arrow Textiles6.6 %10.5-5.8%_-9.9%_-14.3%_7_G2
Oracle Fin Serv5.8 %3016.45-4.3%_-10.0%_-3.1%_6_G2
Forbes Gokak5.7 %1706.3-9.2%_3.3%_-3.4%_6_G2
Smartlink Net5.6 %80.1-15.6%_-0.4%_-24.4%_6_G2
Reliance Nippon Life5.1 %244.95.7%_7.6%_11.6%_5_G2
HNGSNGBEES5.1 %31555.2%_5.2%_6.6%_5_G2
Mastek4.5 %324.25-10.8%_-20.7%_-30.9%_4_G2
BASF4.2 %1024.75-2.0%_-5.5%_-23.1%_4_G2
ISGEC Heavy Eng4.1 %334.25-8.5%_-20.4%_-25.8%_4_G2
ICICI Lombard Insuran4 %1179.92.3%_9.7%_0.4%_4_G2
Samkrg Pistons3.8 %97.95-5.8%_-12.0%_-24.8%_4_G2
Gandhi Spl Tube3.7 %296.05-15.9%_-12.7%_-24.8%_4_G2
Britannia3.4 %2466.65-4.7%_-9.7%_-11.3%_3_G2
Voltas3.4 %612.651.2%_4.0%_-3.1%_3_G2
Allied Digital3.3 %13.915.4%_4.1%_-7.0%_3_G2
3_Sessions ---Gain---Price7Days_1M_2M %_Sessions
Camson Bio Tech15.8 %9.26-0.8%_-30.1%_22.3%_16_G3
Concord Drugs13.7 %19.45
M.D. Inducto13.1 %96.85
Nagpur Power12.6 %29.91.5%_-13.1%_-26.0%_13_G3
Vesuvius India12.5 %1030.29.3%_-5.7%_-6.1%_13_G3
Zenith Fibres10.9 %52.255.6%_-6.1%_2.5%_11_G3
Tree House9.8 %5.60.0%_1.8%_17.9%_10_G3
Elantas Beck7.4 %2121.95.6%_1.0%_3.5%_7_G3
Poly Medicure6.1 %182.36.6%_2.2%_4.2%_6_G3
Mold-Tek Pack5.5 %286.255.3%_15.6%_19.0%_5_G3
Sanghvi Forging5.2 %26.325.2%_28.6%_24.1%_5_G3
Dixon Tech (Ind)5 %2320.9519.6%_5.3%_3.5%_5_G3
Zydus Wellness4.9 %1565.82.1%_15.2%_17.7%_5_G3
Guj Amb Exports4.5 %133.554.3%_-3.3%_-19.1%_5_G3
Excel Crop Care2.3 %2561.15-5.3%_-9.1%_-14.6%_2_G3
Tech Mahindra2.2 %683.853.1%_1.9%_-6.1%_2_G3
Geojit Fin1.1 %22.850.2%_-18.1%_-33.0%_1_G3
4_Sessions ---Gain---Price7Days_1M_2M %_Sessions
63 Moons Tech26.2 %115.215.6%_23.6%_-0.4%_26_G4
VBC Ferro15.9 %25.9
Rasandik Engg11.9 %61.6526.1%_7.7%_-24.8%_12_G4
Hawkins Cooker3.3 %2792.7-0.1%_-3.3%_-5.1%_3_G4
5_Sessions ---Gain---Price7Days_1M_2M %_Sessions
Den Networks41.5 %92.853.4%_78.3%_70.6%_41_G5
Coffee Day27.4 %79.99.4%_-60.0%_-62.9%_27_G5
Intrasoft Tech23.1 %83.6518.9%_0.4%_-27.3%_23_G5
Andhra Cements14.3 %25.3%_-37.5%_-51.2%_14_G5
Coromandel Int5 %360.050.8%_-5.8%_-11.2%_5_G5
Divis Labs4.3 %1571.6-5.6%_-2.9%_-0.3%_4_G5
MOSt NASDAQ 1003.1 %550.572.0%_2.2%_3.1%_3_G5
6_Sessions ---Gain---Price7Days_1M_2M %_Sessions
MBL Infra31.3 %6.329.9%_5.9%_7.7%_31_G6
8_Sessions ---Gain---Price7Days_1M_2M %_Sessions
Ambition Mica44.7 %13.44
N. B. I. Industrial Fin18.2 %1386.418.2%_3.8%_4.9%_18_G8
10_Sessions ---Gain---Price7Days_1M_2M %_Sessions
Nitin Fire Prot250 %0.7133.3%_55.6%_16.7%_250_G10
Lactose India42.8 %29.3529.9%_49.0%_35.3%_43_G10


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